The Harbour Commission is a Trust Port created by Statute. The principal Order is the Teignmouth Harbour Order 1924 as amended by

the Teignmouth Harbour Revision Order 2003.

The role of the Harbour Commission is primarily as the Navigational Authority regulating marine operations within Teignmouth

Harbour from the river mouth to Newton Abbot. It is required to make sure that the harbour remains open for public use and that it

can be navigated without danger. It has environmental duty to conserve and facilitate the safe use of the harbour and its resources.

In addition it has the responsibility of implementing the Port Marine Safety Code.

Teignmouth Harbour Commission also leases, from the Crown Estates, the fundus (sea/riverbed) of the Teign Estuary below the Mean High Water Line from the entrance to the Stover Canal to the Seaward Harbour Limit Boundery formed by a line joing the eastern extremity of The Ness with the Den Lighthouse. As such THC allocates and licenses all the moorings within this area on a annual basis with the exception of a few moorings that are part of private legal agreements.


Where To Find Us
Teignmouth Harbour Commission Offices

The Old Quay House

Old Quay


TQ14 8ES

Hrs: Mon - Fri 08:30 - 17:00


Telephone: +44-(0)1626-773165
Emergency: +44-(0)7796-178456
Fax: +44-(0)1626-778937
Port Radio: VHF Channel 12 (Office Hours)


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The Harbour Team

Harbour Master and
Chief Executive Officer

Commander David Vaughan


Harbour Administrator

Suzanne Nicholson


Harbour Assistant

Humphrey Vince


Harbour Administrator

Judith Burridge


Harbour Assistant

Fred Pearce



Harbour Administrator

Jayne Orchard



Harbour Assistant

Marcus Walton


Harbour Administrator

Jess Brant


Harbour Assistant

Richard Pearce  





Teignmouth Pilots

Pilotage and Marine Services (Teignmouth) Limited


Pilot Mike Swallow, Pilot George Mills, Pilot Mark Fleming and Coxswain Greg Wood

Pilots George Mills and Mike Swallow


Pilot Mark Fleming

Harbour Commissioners and Senior Officers

The Teignmouth Harbour Revision Order which is an Act of Parliament empowering the Commission to discharge its duties and responsibilities and defines the range of skills and experience required in appointing its Commissioners.

The relevant extract from the order reads:

"...each Commissioner appointed (nine members appointed by the Commissioners) shall be a person who appears to the Commissioners to have special knowledge, experience or ability appropriate to the efficient, effective and economic discharge by the Commissioners of their functions including in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) special knowledge, experience or ability in one or more of the following matters:


  • The ports industry;

  • Maritime and commercial activities;

  • Local public service;

  • Boating, tourism and other leisure activities;

  • Environmental matters;

  • Finance and administration;

  • Any other skills and matters considered relevant from time to time by the Commissioners in order for them to discharge their functions. "


The following is a list of the current Commissioners with a brief summary of their background. All are unpaid appointments. Commissioners are appointed for a three year term and can serve a total of three terms apart from the chairman who can serve four.

Steve Astbury. FCMA. Vice Chairman

22 years in the Health Service. Latterly Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive of the Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust.

Earlier career as a Rolls Royce apprentice and worked in frozen food distribution and electronic component manufacturing.

Dave Atkin.

Port manager for ABP Teignmouth and Plymouth since January 2007. 31 years experience in the ports industry. Previously Head of Operations Port of Immingham.

Derek Clifton. MIFM (Institute of Fisheries Management)

35 years in the fishing industry overseeing commercial and leisure interests.

Currently Level 1 Environment Officer with the Environmental Agency covering coastal areas Portland to Plymouth including river estuaries. Particular responsibilities for the marine environment and water quality. 

Previously lifeboat helmsman and now RNLI Launching Authority and Station Management, Teignmouth. Yachtmaster.

Jeremy Grammer.  Chairman.

30 years in the IT and global telecoms industry and business.    Latterly Vice President Business Performance, Marconi Communications.  Early seagoing career with Alfred Holt & Co.   18 years with the Royal Naval Reserve.   Yachtmaster. Parish Councillor.

Colin Greenwell BSC (Eng) C.Eng. MICE.  (Co opted)

Chartered Civil Engineer.  Over 30 years in the ports industry.  Previously Port manager for ABP Teignmouth and Plymouth.  Offshore Yachtmaster.

Mark Layton

20 years in the marine leisure business specialising in diving and chandlery.

Owner of the Teign and Plymouth Diving Centres managing day to day business and diving operations.

Commodore Richard Lord CBE MSc Royal Navy

40 years service with the Royal Navy holding appointments as Chief Staff Officer Support Gilbraltar and Director Naval Base Clyde. Latterly Director Marketing and Sales in the defence industry.

Keith Richards FCCA

Over 35 years specialising in finance and accountancy. Held a number of senior finance positions in industry and latterly was a Board Member and Director of Regulation for South West Water.

Rick Smith

Served apprenticeship with Morgan Giles. 35 years in the fishing industry ┬ĘC inshore, deep sea and deep sea trawler skipper.  Currently Chief Executive Officer Brixham Trawler Agents. Parish Councillor (Retired).

Orme Vince

50 years in the fishing industry. Trawling inshore and deep sea from Teignmouth and Brixham. Fish wholesaling and retailing. Running small businesses.

Senior Officers who report to the Commission and who are not Commissioners.


Clerk and Legal Advisor

Graham Bond LLB    

20 years as Clerk to the Commission.  Career in the legal profession and currently Chairman of Tozers. Specialising in marine law and legislation related to the management of harbours.

Harbour Master and Chief Executive Officer.

Commander David Vaughan OBE BA FRIN MNI Royal Navy                                                          

35 years in RN; Submarine Commander; Queen's Harbour Master;

Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners

Offshore Yachtmaster (Power and Sail)


If you wish to know more about the Commission and its operations these are set out in the Operating Manual which can be viewed at

the Harbour Office. - Old Quay House  Old Quay  Teignmouth  Devon  TQ14 8ES
Phone (01626) 773165  Fax (01626) 778937